Title: Antonov An-12

The AN-12 is a four-engined transport aircraft, the Russian equivalent of the C-130 Hercules . The type was developed from the earlier AN-8 which was twin-engined with an unpressurised square section fuselage. The prototype first flew in 1957 and remained in production until 1973 by which time over 1,000 had been produced. The type was exported to numerous countries, including China who have apparently continued unauthorised production since.

The title contains the flight manual in both English and Russian for the AN-12.


This title contains:

  • Flight Exploitation manual for the Antonov AN-12, dated 1992, with approx 512 pages. IN THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE.
  • Flight Manual for the AN-12, IN ENGLISH, undated formally but 1971 and 1996 both referenced in the text, with approx 176 pages.