Title: Armstrong-Whitworth AW.169 Project

The Armstrong-Whitworth AW.169 design was developed in response to the British military Operational Requirement F.155T issued in January 1955 for an all-weather high altitude interceptor aircraft. The specification was very demanding and effectively required a large long-range aircraft equipped with powerful but heavy missiles. Five British companies submitted designs, and the AW.169 along with the competing design from Fairey Aviation were selected for further study.

The AW.169 submission is dated October 1955, only 9 months after the specification was issued, and it shows how much work Armstrong-Whitworth carried out in that time. Detailed engineering design was completed, a full-scale mock-up was constructed and performance calculations were made. However the Fairey design was selected over the AW.169 design in 1956, but any further development was terminated in 1957 after the publication of the famous British Defence White Paper which recommended the cessation of manned aircraft development in favour of missiles.

This title contains the manufacturer’s detailed engineering presentation of the AW.169 project, originally classified “Secret”. The file has been scanned from the original document and retains any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • Manufacturer’s detailed engineering presentation of the Armstrong-Whitworth AW.169, submission to the F.155T Specification, dated October 1955 with approx. 202 pages.