Title: Avro Avian

The Avro Avian was a series of light aircraft built by Avro during the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. It was designed by Roy Chadwick, later the designer of the Lancaster, and the initial version which had a wooden fuselage first flew in 1926. The prototype was sold to Bert Hinkler who used the aircraft for a number of long-range flights culminating in a 15 day solo flight from England to Australia.

Later versions used a steel tube fuselage and more powerful engines, and while a successful aircraft with many export sales, it was comprehensively outsold by its De havilland Moth rival. Just over 400 were produced.

This title contains the manufacturer’s civil Instruction handbook for the Avro Avian and two NACA Aircraft Circulars on two variants of the Avian. The files have been scanned from the original documents and retain any colour pages, unless otherwise stated.

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This title contains:

  • Manufacturer’s Instruction Manual for the Avro Avian (variant or type number not specified), undated with approx. 30 pages and 10 drawings. (One page of Appendix 1, Maintenance Schedule, is missing.)
  • NACA Aircraft Circular No 17 covering the “Avro Avian” (Armstrong-Siddeley Genet engine), dated October 1926 with approx. 8 pages. (Scanned from a photocopy.)
  • NACA Aircraft Circular No 70 covering the “Avro Avian III” (ADC Cirrus engine), dated October 1928 with approx. 8 pages.