BAC 1-11


Title: BAC 1-11

The BAC 1-11 was a British short-range airliner designed to replace the 1950’s turboprop Vickers Viscount. It was the first product from the merged British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) and first flew in August 1963.A total of 244 were eventually produced and it succeeded in sales in the US market despite US govt protectionism in favor of the competing DC-9 and 737 aircraft.

Production dwindled to a trickle from the late 1970’s, and was transferred to Romania in the early 1980’s. However only a handful of airframes were produced, mainly for Romanian operators. The aircraft was retired from airline service at the end of the 1990’s for noise reasons, and the type certificate was finally cancelled in 2010 by the then holder Airbus.

This title contains the flight manual for the BAC 1-11, plus two brochures and a pilots introductory handbook. The files have been scanned from the original flight  manuals and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • Manufacturers Crew Manual for the BAC 1-11 (British United Airlines (the launch customer)). Two volumes, Volume 1 – Description and Volume 2 – Handling. Publication OM/BAC111/AC dated Mar 1964.
  • Manufacturers publication “BAC 1-11 Introductory Notes for Pilots”, Publication TSW 486 Issue 6 dated Jan 1966, with approx 67 pages.
  • Manufacturers publicity brochure for the BAC 1-11 (at the project stage). Undated with approx 18 pages.
  • Manufacturers publicity brochure for the BAC 1-11 Series 300, a very detailed brochure. Publication TSW 502 Issue 3 July 1965 with approx 92 pages.