Title: Beechcraft Twin Quad

The Twin Quad was an unusually configured 20 passenger aircraft produced by Beechcraft in the late 1940’s to take advantage of the anticipated boom in civil aviation post WW2. It used four Lycoming GSO-580 supercharged engines buried in the wing, with two engines on each wing facing each other and connected by a combining gearbox, driving a single propeller on each wing. It utilised the same V-tail design as the smaller Bonanza.

Unfortunately the anticipated civil aviation boom did not eventuate largely due to the glut of cheap surplus wartime transport aircraft. The prototype Twin Quad was irreparably damaged in a landing accident in 1949 and Beechcraft then re-evaluated the program. Due to the lack of orders at the time, competition from war surplus aircraft, and the US governments’s delay in introducing “feeder airlines”, it decided to terminate the program and the remaining two airframes on the production line were scrapped.

This title contains the preliminary flight manual for the Twin Quad. The file has been scanned from the original flight manual and retains any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • Manufacturer’s Preliminary Flight Manual for the Beechcraft Twin Quad dated September 1948 with approx. 128 pages.