Title: Bristol 105 Bulldog

The Bristol Bulldog was a single-engine biplane fighter which first flew in 1927, and became one of the most well-known aircraft used by the RAF during the inter-war period. Over 440 examples were built for the RAF and a number of overseas air arms. It was retired in 1937 with the advent of high performance monoplane fighters.

This title contains the flight manual (titled Pilot’s Notes) and the RAF descriptive and servicing handbook for the Bulldog. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • Pilot’s Notes for the Bristol Bulldog, undated with approx. 36 pages. (Its not clear who produced this or when, but it looks like a manufacturers manual. Bristol restored Bulldog Mk IIA K2227 around 1961 and flew it at several air displays and shows. It may have been produced for this.)
  • RAF Descriptive and Servicing Handbook for the Bristol Bulldog Mark II, AP 1363 Volume One, 1st Edition dated April 1930 with approx. 107 pages.