Title: Convair XC-99

The Convair XC-99 was the largest piston-engined land-based transport aircraft ever built, and was developed from the B-36 bomber, sharing the wings and some other structures with it. It first flew on 23 November 1947 from San Diego, California and after testing was delivered to the USAF on 23 November 1949. In July 1950 the XC-99 flew its first cargo mission, transporting 101,266 pounds of cargo, including engines and propellers for the B-36, from San Diego to Kelly Air Force Base in Texas.

The USAF decided that it had no requirement for such a large, long-range transport at that time, and only a single prototype, serial 43-52436, was built. It served until 1957, including much use during the Korean War. During its operational life the sole XC-99 logged over 7,400 hours total time. The aircraft survives and is currently under restoration at the USAF Museum.

This title contains the flight manual for the Convair XC-99 aircraft plus some additional photos. The file has been scanned from a good quality photocopy of the original flight manual.


This title contains:

  • Handbook of Flight Operating Instructions for the XC-99 serial number 43-52436 dated 31-3-49, with approx. 197 pages.
  • File of 37 original photos of the XC-99, some scanned from an original manual. Includes a high quality scan of the cockpit photo.