Title: Curtiss JN4 “Jenny”

First flown in 1915, the Curtiss JN4 “Jenny” was the USA’s most famous aircraft of WW1. It was originally developed as a Trainer with nearly 95% of all US WW1 pilots having flown the type. What cemented its fame is that in the post-war period it became the backbone of US civil aviation. Over 6,800 examples were built, and thousands were sold cheaply to private owners in the immediate post-war period and these became central to the “barnstorming” period that helped awaken the USA to civil aviation through much of the 1920’s.

This title contains early flight and rigging manuals for the JN4, and a manual on the engine most commonly fitted to the type, along with the Aircraft Profile on the JN4. The files have been copied from the original manuals and retains any colour pages.

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This title contains:

  • Manufacturers Instruction Handbook for the JN4-B dated 1917 with approx. 32 pages plus foldout drawings. (Most aircraft of this era had assembly and rigging manuals only. This manual also has “Hints for Flying” for the pilot.)
  • Manufacturers Instruction Handbook for the JN4-D dated 1918 with approx. 66 pages plus foldout drawings. (This manual also has “Hints for Flying” for the pilot.)
  • RAF Rigging Notes (titled Technical Notes) for the J.N.4a undated with approx. 43 pages.
  • Manufacturers Instruction Handbook for the OX motor dated 1918 with approx. 43 pages plus foldout drawings. (The OX motor is the standard motor for the JN4 series.)
  • Aircraft Profile publication No 37 covering the JN4, dated 1965 with 12 pages.