Title: Curtiss X-19

The X-19 was designed initially as a commercial venture by Curtiss to exploit the company’s “Radial Lift” concept, but the prototypes were taken over by the USAF’s Tri-service VTOL program during construction. The first prototype crashed but the USAF and Curtiss could not agree on funding for the program which terminated before the second aircraft flew.

To maximise value, this title contains the flight manual for the X-19 plus the flight manual for another experimental VTOL aircraft, the Canadair CL-84. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • Curtiss preliminary issue (classroom use) Utility Flight Handbook for the X-19, 1-XC-19-1 dated 2-10-64, with approx. 383 pages.
  • Canadair Aircraft Operating Instructions for the CL-84-1, publication RAZ 84-147 dated 15-2-73 with approx. 175 pages.