Titles: Dassault Flamant No’s 1 and 2

Dassault based the Flamant (Flamingo) on the MB.30, a twin-engine light transport studied during the German occupation of France by the Société Bordeaux Aeronautique in Talence. Two models were initially built; the MD.301 as a navigation and bombardment trainer, and the MD.303 as a transport/flight trainer. However, fitted with 375-hp. Lorraine Bearn 6D engines, the aircraft were underpowered. Dassault replaced the Bearns with 580-hp Snecma 12S engines, designating the refit the MD.315. It first flew on July 6, 1947 from the Bordeaux -Merignac facility where Dassault still builds Falcon jets and Rafale and Mirage fighters.

At the government’s request, Dassault split manufacture of the Flamant among four nationalized companies. Dassault coordinated manufacturing, general assembly, development, flight tests, and delivery of the aircraft. Dassault built three main versions: the MD.315 10 seat transport; the MD.311 bombardier/navigator trainer (which was fitted with a distinctive glass nose); and the MD.312, which first flew on April 27, 1950, fitted with dual controls for its transport missions and flight training. A total of 325 Flamants were built.

We offer two titles containing flight and maintenance manuals for two variants of the Dassault Flamant. Each title is US$9.95. The files have been copied from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.



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Title 1 contains:

  • Armee de l’Air Manuel D’utilisation (Flight Manual) for the MD.312 Flamant. There are two separate parts to this manual:
    Textes – UCE 106 dated Mai 1970, with 109 pages of the flight manual text.
    Planches – UCB 106 dated Mai 1970, with 80 pages of illustrations to accompany the text.
  • Manuel de Maintenance Flamant I, II, III. There are two separate parts to this manual:
    Textes – G.C.E. 106/2 dated Jan 58, with 174 pages of the maintenance manual text.
    Planches – G.C.E. 106/2 dated Jan 58, with 37 pages of illustrations to accompany the text.

Title 2 contains:

  • Armee de l’Air Notice Technique for the MD.312 Flamant II, N.C.E. 58 dated March 1952. This is a complete manual for the Flamant, and comprises nine separate parts; Characteristics; Description; Weight and Balance; Performance; Equipment; Flight Operation; Tactical Operations; Ground Servicing; and Assembly/Disassembly. (Total of 323 pages.)
  • Manuel de L’Equipage (Crew Manual) for the M.D.315R Flamant, U.C.E. 105 dated October 1957. There are two separate parts to this manual:
    Textes – 74 pages of the crew manual text.
    Planches – 65 pages of illustrations to accompany the text.