Titles: De Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk No’s 1 and 2

The DHC-1 Chipmunk was designed as the successor to the classic DH82 Tiger Moth. The design was assigned to De Havillands Canadian subsidiary as Hatfield was fully occupied with the Comet and other post-war aircraft. The prototype first flew in 1946 and after evaluation by the RAF production was initiated in both Canada and England. Eventually a total of 1291 were built, 1091 in England, 217 in Canada, and 60 under licence in Portugal.

The RAF was the largest user with 735 in service. These were flown by University Air Squadrons and Volunteer Reserve flying schools, the type never becoming the standard RAF primary trainer. Large numbers were released onto the surplus civil market at the end of the 1950’s, many of which were considerably modified including horizontally-opposed engines, single-seat versions, etc.

We offer two titles for the Chipmunk, which includes pilots manuals for civil and military models including the British and Canadian variants, along with an early maintenance manual. Each title is US$9.95. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.

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Title 1 contains:

  • De Havilland (Hatfield) Pilot’s Manual for the Chipmunk Mks 20, 21, 22, 22A, CHK.PN-1 dated 1969, with approx 59 pages.
  • De Havilland Canada Erection and Maintenance Manual for the DHC-1 Chipmunk. This manual is undated but is probably from around 1950 and is probably one of the first manuals ever produced for the Chipmunk. It also contains the flight instructions for the aircraft.  With approx 97 pages.
  • Manufacturers Flight Manual for the DHC-1B-2 dated 1 Aug 57, with approx 50 pages.
  • RAF Pilot’s Notes for the Chipmunk T.10. This is the first edition of AP4308A-PN dated February 1950, approx 40 pages in the famous blue booklet format.

Title 2 contains:

  • Canadian Forces (RCAF) Aircraft Operating Instructions for the Chipmunk, EO 05-10B-1 dated 15-12-66, revised to 12-12-68, with approx 53 pages.
  • RAF Pilot’s Notes for the Chipmunk T.Mk.10.  This is the third and last edition, in loose-leaf formet. Now designated AP 101B-5510-15, dated June 1966, with approx 83 pages.
  • RAF Pilots Checklist, titled Flight Reference Cards, for the Chipmunk T.10. AP 101B-5510-14 at Issue 5 dated 5 February 1991 with approx 22 pages.
  • RAF Headquarters Training Command Student Study Guide for the Chipmunk T.10, document RAFSC/251020/3/FT dated December 1984 with approx 207 pages.