DOUGLAS 8A-5 (A-33)


Title: Douglas 8A-5 and Northrop Gamma

The Northrop Gamma was a single-engined all-metal monoplane designed by Jack Northrop and manufactured by the Northrop Corporation in the early 1930’s. Designed initially as a mail plane and cargo aircraft, it had a more successful career as a flying laboratory and a record-breaking aircraft. A total of around 60 were built with examples supplied to the air arms in Spain and China.

The USAAF saw the potential of the aircraft and encouraged Northrop to develop a military variant as the A-17. By this time Northrop had been taken over by Douglas Aircraft and the aircraft were known as the Douglas A-17 for the US market and the Douglas 8A-2 for the export market. Douglas developed a more powerful version which was designated A-33 and Douglas 8A-5 for the export market.

This title contains the manufacturer’s maintenance manual (there probably wasn’t a flight manual in the early 1930’s) for the Gamma 2-L sold to the Bristol Aircraft Company as an engine test-bed, and the manufacturer’s pilot’s handbook for the Douglas 8A-5. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.


This title contains:

  • Manufacturer’s Pilot’s Handbook for the Douglas 8A-5 aircraft, undated with approx. 85 pages.
  • Manufacturer’s (The Northrop Corporation) Handbook of Instructions for the Erection and Maintenance of the Model 2-L Airplane, undated with approx. 116 pages.