FAIRCHILD PT-19 PT-21 PT-23 (M62)


Title: Fairchild PT-19 PT-21 PT-23 (M62)

Known by the Fairchild model number of M-62, the PT-19 series was widely used as a primary trainer during WW2 and over 8,000 were produced. There were three principal variants; the PT-19 series using the Ranger L-440 engine; the PT-23 series using the Continental R670 engine; and the PT-26 series especially produced for Canada with an enclosed canopy and other modifications. The PT-26 used the Ranger engine and was known as the “Cornell” in Canada.

We offer two titles containing the flight manuals for most variants of the Fairchild M62, military models PT-19, PT-21, and PT-23. Each title is US$9.95. The first title includes the USAAF pilot and maintenance manuals, plus the operating and service manuals for the Ranger L-440 engine. The second title includes the civil manual for the M62, which covers operation and maintenance, plus a nice brochure. The files have been scanned from the original manuals and retain any colour pages.

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Title 1 contains:

  • USAAF Pilots Flight Operating Instructions for the PT-19, PT-19A, PT-19B, PT-23 and PT-26, T.O. No 01-115GA-1 dated 10-4-43, revised to 5-8-44, with approx 45 pages.
  • USAF Erection & Maintenance Instructions for the PT-19, PT-19A, PT-19B, PT-23 and PT-26, T.O. No 01-115GA-2, dated 25-4-43 revised to 5-9-44, with approx 127 pages.
  • USAAF Operating Instructions for the L-440-1 and L-440-3 engine, T.O. 02-50AAA-1 dated 1-10-43 with approx 10 pages.
  • USAAF Handbook of Service Instructions for the L-440-1 and L-440-3 engine, T.O. 02-50AAA-2 dated 1-1-43 revised to 20-4-43 with approx 32 pages.

Title 2 contains:

  • Fairchild Manual of Instructions for the Fairchild M62A and M62B Training Airplanes.

Part 1 – Description and Operation; Part 2 – Inspection and Maintenance; Part 3 – Repair and Overhaul. Undated with approx 164 pages.

  • Fairchild brochure for the M-62 Trainer. Undated with 20 pages.