Title: Fairy Fulmar

The Fairey Fulmar was very similar in configuration to the earlier Fairey Battle, but it was a new design intended as a naval fleet defence fighter with folding wings and eight wing-mounted guns. Long range and heavy armament was more important than speed and agility. The Fulmar entered service in 1940 and at one time 20 Fleet Air Arm squadrons were equipped with the type. By 1942 it was being replaced by single-seat aircraft such as the Seafire and Martlett. It continued in other roles such as reconnaissance, training, convoy escort and night intruder.

To maximise value, this title includes the flight manuals (titled Pilot’s Notes) for both the Fulmar and the earlier Fairey Battle, along with the maintenance manuals (The Fulmar manuals are both in the same publication.) The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • RAF Pilot’s Notes and Servicing and Descriptive Handbook for the Fulmar I and Fulmar II, AP 1760A & B-PN and Volume One, dated May 1940 with approx 279 pages.
  • RAF Pilot’s Notes for the Battle I, AP 1727A-PN dated July 1939 with approx 35 pages.
  • RAF Servicing and Descriptive Handbook for the Battle I, AP 1727A-Volume One 2nd Edition dated April 1939 with approx 168 pages.