Title: Fiat G.222 (C-27J Spartan)

The G.222 is a twin-engined transport aircraft which first flew in 1970. Initially it had only a limited production run, but when it was re-equipped with the engine, propeller and systems from the C-130J aircraft in 1999, it enjoyed a new lease on life.

This title contains a complete set of flight and operating manuals for the C-27J plus two manufacturer’s brochures for the earlier G.222. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.


This title contains:

  • Complete set of Flight and Operating Manuals for the C-27J, all dated 31-5-05 comprising:

HAF. 1C-27J-1-1     – Flight Manual with 744 pages.
HAF. 1C-27J-1-1-1  – Flight Manual Performance Data with 327 pages.
HAF. 1C-27J-1CL-1 – Pilot’s Checklist with 381 pages.
HAF. 1C-27J-5-1     – Basic Weight Data Check List with 144 pages.
HAF. 1C-27J-5-2     – Loading Data with 52 pages.
HAF. 1C-27J-6        – Inspection Requirements with 170 pages.
HAF. 1C-27J-6CF-1 – Functional Check Flight Procedures with 39 pages.
HAF. 1C-27J-6CL-1 – Functional Check Flight Check List with 105 pages.
HAF. 1C-27J-9        – Cargo Loading and Offloading Manual with 468 pages.

  • Manufacturer’s brochure for the G.222, undated (but probably early 1970’s) with approx 46 pages.
  • Manufacturer’s specification for the G.222 undated (but probably early 1970’s) with approx 23 pages.