Title: Fokker S.13

The S.13 first flew in 1949 as Fokker foresaw a demand for training aircraft post-war. Unfortunately the Dutch Air Force requirement was filled by surplus Beech Model 18’s and as there were no other prospective customers the program was terminated with just the prototype being built. This prototype was used as a research aircraft for some years, and some parts remain in Dutch museums including the cockpit.

This title contains the manufacturer’s brochure for the Fokker S.13, the only printed material we have ever seen for the Fokker S.13, plus to give value, the manufacturer’s handbook and brochure for the Fokker S.25 Promotor. The files have been scanned from the original documents and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • Manufacturer’s technical sales brochure for the Fokker S.13 (in the English language) dated June 1950 with approx. 22 pages.
  • Manufacturer’s Handboek for the F.25 Promotor, dated 1-9-48 with approx. 129 pages. (In the Dutch language.) Looks like a complete descriptive, operating and maintenance manual.
  • Manufacturer’s technical sales brochure for the F.25 Promotor (in the French language) dated 1946 with approx. 13 pages.