Title:  Grumman TC-4C Academe (Gulfstream I)

Grumman began looking at the design for an executive transport in the late 1950’s, planning on a turboprop using the Rolls-Royce Dart engine. After looking at conversions of existing airframes such as the C-1A trader, they settled on a clean sheet design with a low wing and stand-up cabin. The prototype first flew in August 1958 and rapidly accumulated a list of US corporations as customers.

An extended version seating up to 37 passengers was produced for third level airlines. The US Navy took 9 examples of a specialised training aircraft used to train A-6 Intruder bombardier-navigators known as the TC-4C Academe. The US Coast Guard used one example as the VC-4A for VIP transport. A total of 200 were built between 1959 and 1969.

This title contains the US Navy NATOPS flight manual for the TC-4C along with two manufacturer’s publicity brochures. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.


This title contains:

  • US Navy NATOPS Flight Manual for the TC-4C, NAVAIR 01-85TCA-1 dated 1 Oct 1969 with approx. 301 pages.
  • Manufacturer’s publicity brochure for the Grumman Gulfstream, undated with 26 pages.
  • Manufacturer’s publicity brochure for the Grumman Gulfstream in military roles, undated with 33 pages.