Title: LIORE et OLIVIER LeO 20

The French Liore et Olivier company built the LeO 12 night bomber in 1924 but it failed to attract orders from the French military. One example was modified with new engines and greater armament as the LeO 122 but again attracted little interest.

The LeO 122 was modified to the new LeO 20 model, and this won a 1926 French military contest for a new night bomber, and an order for 50 was placed. Just over 300 were eventually built, the last being delivered in 1932, and they remained in service until 1939 by which time they were completely obsolete. A number of derivative models were also produced including some with four engines (two pull and two push).

This title contains the French military technical manual for the LeO 20, a technical brochure on the LeO 20 and derivatives, and a NACA descriptive circular for the LeO 12. The files have been scanned from the original manuals and retain any colour pages unless otherwise stated.



This Title contains:

  • French military Notice Technique (descriptive and maintenance manual) for the Liore et Olivier LeO 20 Type BN3 Modele 1925, document N.C.D.10 dated November 1928 with approx. 123 pages. In the FRENCH language.
  • Manufacturer’s technical brochure for the Liore et Olivier avions, LeO 20 and derivatives, undated with approx. 18 pages. In the FRENCH language.
  • NACA Aircraft Circular No 1 – Liore et Olivier Type 12 Light Bomber and Type 20 Commercial. A 10 page technical description of the aircraft, in English, dated March 1926.