Titles: Lockheed P-2 Neptune No’s 1 to 3

The Lockheed P2V Neptune was somewhat unique in being the only land-based patrol plane designed expressly for that purpose for the US Navy. (Previous and subsequent aircraft were based on transport aircraft.) Design work began as early as 1941 and the aircraft first flew in 1945. The first production model was the P2V-2, the P2V-3 followed with the belly radome containing the APS-20 radar. The P2V-4 introduced wing-tip fuel tanks and the Turbo-compound engines. The P2V-5 introduced more advanced electronic equipment including the MAD tail stinger, and when increasing weight caused two auxiliary jet engines to be added, these were designated P2V-5F.

The P2V-6 was similar to the P2V-5 with a different radar and minor systems revisions. The final version was the P2V-7 which introduced a major revision to the cockpit and nose configuration. This version remained in service for over 20 years and also saw service with many other air arms on five continents.

We offer three titles including flight manuals covering five major variants of the P-2, one maintenance manual along with two early unusual manufacturer’s brochures and the aircraft profile. Each title is US$9.95. The flight manuals have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages unless otherwise stated.

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Title 1 contains:

  • US Navy Flight Handbook for the P2V-5 and P2V-5F, AN 01-75EDA-1 dated 17-1-55 revised to 15-9-58, with approx. 497 pages. This manual was originally classified
    “Confidential” and all the information normally included in the Confidential supplement is included in this manual.
  • US Navy Flight Handbook for the P2V-6, AN 01-75EAA-1, dated 15-4-54 revised to 15-3-56, with approx. 206 pages.
  • Rare and unusual Lockheed illustrated brochure titled “Vega Model V-146 (XP2V-1)”, dated 1-1-43 with approx. 22 pages. WW2 summary of the XP2V-1 project probably prepared for the Department of Defence.

Title 2 contains:

  • US Navy Pilots Handbook for the P2V-3W, AN 01-75EBA-1 dated 1-10-51 revised to 1-3-54, with approx. 138 pages. (An AEW version of the P-2.)
  • US Navy NATOPS Flight Manual for the SP-2H, Navweps 01-75EEB-1 dated 1-12-65, with approx. 586 pages. (The later designation of the P2V-7.)
  • Rare and unusual Lockheed illustrated brochure titled “P2V Neptune – Development and Characteristics”, by J.B. Wassall, Lockheed’s Chief Production Development Engineer, undated with approx. 46 pages.

Title 3 contains:

  • US Navy Flight Handbook for the P2V-4, AN 01-75EcA-1 dated 15-1-53 revised to 15-6-54, with approx. 264 pages.
  • US Navy Erection and Maintenance Instructions for the P2V-2, AN 01-75EB-2, with approx. 692 pages. (The first few pages of this manual were damaged and have been replaced by fascimiles.)
  • Aircraft Profile No 204 covering the Lockheed P2V Neptune, dated 1967 with 15 pages.