Title: Lockheed S-3 Viking

Designed as a replacement for the S-2 Tracker in the carrier-borne anti-submarine role, the S-3 first flew in 1972 and 187 were built for service with the US Navy. Small numbers were converted to the US-3A COD variant and the ES-3A ELINT variant. The S-3B variant was developed in 1981 and added Harpoon ASM capability to the basic S-3A. Approx 70 S-3A’s were converted to S-3B’s.

This title contains the US Navy NATOP Flight Manual for the S-3B along with the associated Weapon Systems manual.


This title contains:

  • US Navy NATOPS Flight Manual for the S-3B, NAVAIR 01-S3AAB-1, dated 15-9-2000, with approx 966 pages.
  • US Navy NATOPS Weapon Systems Manual for the S-3B NAVAIR 01-S3AAB-1.1 dated 15-12-2002 with approx 754 pages.