Titles: Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star No’s 1 and 2

The T-33 was two-seat trainer development of the P-80 Shooting Star, the first operational US jet fighter. It was designed by Clarence Johnson and first flew in 1948. It was extremely successful, over 5,000 being built and it was operated by more than 30 air forces.

We offer two titles which include flight manuals for the T-33. Each title is US$9.95. The first title covers USAF variants, and the second title covers the Canadian T-33 assembled in Canada and fitted with the RR Nene engine. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.

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Title 1 contains:

  • Handbook of Flight Operating Instructions for the USAF T-33A and the Navy TO-2, AN 01-75FJC-1 dated 24 Apr 1951, with approx. 53 pages.
  • USAF Flight Manual for the RT-33A, T.O. 1T-33(R)A-1 dated 1 Apr 62, with approx. 241 pages. (This was a version of the T-33 with cameras in the nose and a large fuel tank where the second seat was usually fitted.)

Title 2 contains:

  • Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Aircraft Operating Instructions for the T33 Mk 3 (later designated CT-133), EO 05-50C-1 dated 10-7-62, with approx. 101 pages. (The last few pages of this manual have some rust staining on them.)
  • Canadian Armed Forces Aircraft Operating Instructions for the CT-133 Mk 3 Silver Star, C12-CT133-000/MB-002 dated 1998-03-25 revised to Ch/Mod-7 dated 2001-08-21, with approx. 375 pages. (Bi-lingual manual in French and English.)