Title: Lockheed U-2

Originally developed in great secrecy by the Lockheed Skunk works under Kelly Johnson, the U-2 first flew in 1955 and has been in continuous service with the US military ever since in developed variants.

This title contains two flight manuals for the original lightweight U-2’s (indications are that these are USAF flight manuals), plus an interesting handbook for the later enlarged variants.

The files are scanned from good quality photocopies of the U-2 flight manuals, and the original TR-1 Handbook.



This title contains:

  • Flight manual for the U-2C/F, dated 1967, containing approx. 305 pages of information on this high-flying reconnaissance aircraft including full performance data. Watch it cruise climb it’s way to its maximum operating altitude.
  • Utility Flight Manual for the U-2 dated March 1, 1959 with approx. 295 pages.
  • USAF Handbook for the TR-A/TR-1B/U-2R/ER-2 (Program 8899). Approx. 185 pages of information and diagrams, many fold-out. Dated 1 April 1986.