Title: Maule M-4

The Maule series of STOL light aircraft are built by the family owned company Maule Air Inc, founded in 1941 by Belford Maule. Initially producing tailwheels and fabric testers, it started production in 1960 of the M-4 designed by Belford Maule. The M-4 along with all derivative models is a tube and fabric design, popular with bush pilots due to its rugged nature, low stall speed, tundra tyres and oleo type undercarriage.

There were a number of M-4 models differing primarily in engine installation, varying between 145hp and 220 hp, with the continental powered M-4-210 being the most numerous. Later Maule models were similar but had increasing numbers of passenger seats.

This title contains the manufacturer’s flight and maintenance manual, a pilot’s notes from an Australian organisation and two colour brochures for the Maule M-4 series. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • Manufacturer’s Flight and Maintenance Manual for the Maule M-4-210, dated March 15, 1966 with approx. 50 pages.
  • Pilots Handling Notes for the Maule M-4 series produced by Airsales, an Australian organisation, undated with approx. 27 pages.
  • Manufacturer’s Colour Brochure for the Maule series, titled “Performance that Counts”, undated with approx. 8 pages.
  • Manufacturer’s Colour Brochure for the Maule M-4 series, undated with approx. 6 pages.