Title: Max Holste MH1521 Broussard No’s 1 and 2

Probably thought of as the French Beaver, the Broussard (Man of the Bush) was a true contemporary having been designed as a STOL liaison aircraft and first flying in the same era of the early 1950’s. Seating six people in total, the aircraft only saw service in France and its territories, largely in the military services but with some civil variants.

We offer two titles covering the Broussard. This first title contains the French Air Force (Armee de l’Air) flight manual and a nice manufacturer’s brochure, the second contains the maintenance manual and illustrated parts catalog for the MH1521 Broussard. The files are in the French language, have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.


Title 1 contains:

  • Armee de l’Air Manuel de l’Equipage (Flight Manual) for the MH1521.  UCE-104A dated Mar 1963. In typical French format, these are in two separate sections, one with text and the second with the illustrations.  Approx 175 pages in both sections. In the French language.
  • Manufacturer’s brochure for the NH1521 “Le Broussard”, undated with approx. 15 pages. In the French language.

Title 2 contains:

  • Armee de l’Air Notice Descriptive et de Fonctionnement (Maintenance Manual) for the MH1521. N.C.E.104 dated Dec 1957. Also in the same typical French format, with two separate sections, one with text and the second with the illustrations. Approx 172 pages in both sections. In the French language.
  • Armee de l’Air Tableau de Composition Illustre (Illustrated Parts Catalog) for the MH1521. ACE 104-00 dated Dec 1962 with approx. 696 pages. In the French language.