Title: McDonnell F3H Demon

The F3H Demon was the third carrier-borne fighter produced by McDonnell for the US Navy. The original F3H-1 encountered problems and production was temporarily halted after a number of fatal accidents. An improved variant, the F3H-2 was produced and 519 examples had been built when production ceased in 1959. They remained in service until 1964.

This title contains the flight manuals for most variants of the F3H. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • Manufacturer’s Pilot’s Handbook for the XF3H-1, McDonnell Report No 2353 dated 15-11-51 with approx 54 pages.
  • US Navy Flight Handbook for the F3H-1N, AN 01-245-FCA-1 dated 15-10-54 revised to 1-4-55 with approx 178 pages.
  • US Navy Flight Handbook for the F3H-2, -2M, NAVAER 01-245-FCB-501 dated 1-5-61 with approx 150 pages.