MIL Mi-8


Title: MIL Mi-8

The MIL MI-8 was a twin-turbine medium sized Russian transport helicopter which first flew in 1961. Large scale production did not begin until 1967 when Russia had seen the usefulness of the UH-1 helicopter in Vietnam. The aircraft has been in continuous production since then.

With over 17,000 examples having been built, and in operation in around 80 countries worldwide, the Mi-8 is one of the most numerous helicopters and certainly one of the most recognisable visually.

This title contains a flight manual in English for the Mi-8MTB along with a maintenance manual and colour brochure in Russian for the MIL Mi-8. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages unless otherwise stated.



This title contains:

  • Rotorcraft Flight Manual for the Mi-8MTB Helicopter, produced by the Air Transport Department of the Russian Ministry of Transport, dated 9 June 2000 with approx. 642 pages. In the English language.
  • Manual “устройство и техническое оБслуживание” (Device and Maintenance) for the MIL Mi-8, dated 1988 with approx. 278 pages. In the RUSSIAN language.
  • Colour brochure for the MIL V8 (the original designation of the Mi-8), undated with approx. 30 pages. In the RUSSIAN language.