Title: Miles M.2 Hawk and M.14 Magister

The Miles M.2 Hawk was a Blackburn Cirrus powered low-wing monoplane first flown in 1933. 47 examples were produced before a shortage of Cirrus engines led to an improved version known as the M.2F Hawk Major using the DH Gipsy III engine.

The Hawk Major became the basis of the M.14 Magister, the first monoplane designed specifically as a trainer for the RAF. As a low-wing monoplane it was an ideal introduction to the new Hurricane and Spitfire aircraft then entering RAF service. Production started in 1937 and over 1300 had been manufactured when production ended in 1941, including 100 built under licence in Turkey.

This title contains civil and military flight and maintenance manuals for both the Miles Hawk and Miles Magister. The files have been scanned from the original manuals and retain any colour pages.

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This title contains:

  • Manufacturers Manual of Instructions for Operation, Maintenance and Rigging for the Miles hawk, undated but probably mid-1930’s, with approx 23 pages including several foldout illustrations.
  • Pilots Handling Notes for the Miles Hawk. Produced by the Association of British Aero Clubs. Undated again with 10 pages of very useful descriptive and handling information.
  • Manufacturers Descriptive and Rigging Notes for the Miles Magister. Produced by Philips & Powis Aircraft. Undated with 44 pages including many fold-out illustrations.
  • RAF Volume One “for the Magister I aircraft. The RAF Descriptive and Servicing Handbook. AP 1585A Vol 1, 2nd Edition dated September 1938, with approx 82 pages.
  • “Operational Notes for Pilots” for the Miles Magister. Undated and unattributed, with approx 13 pages.