Title: Morane-Saulnier MS733 Alcyon

The MS733 was designed as basic trainer for the French military and first flew (as the MS730) in 1949. The production version followed as the MS733 and 205 examples were built. Seventy examples were equipped for gunnery training and some were used in anger for counter-insurgency operations. The MS733 was a successful trainer and a useful aerobatic aircraft, often used to replace the Stampe SV.4 biplane.

This title contains two pilot manuals and an earlier complete manual which includes both the pilot and maintenance manuals for the MS733. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.


This title contains:

  • Manuel de l’Equipage (Crew Manual) for the M.S.733. There are two separate volumes to this manual:
    – Partie Texte – UCD 103 dated Avril 1957, 50 pages of the flight manual text.  (In the French language.)
    – Planches – UCD 103 dated Avril 1957, 18 pages of illustrations to accompany the text volume.   (In the French language.)
  • Manuel D’Utiliation (Operations Manual) for the Morane 733, Edition Provisoire produced by S.A.F.A. Dated Juin 1958 with 49 pages. (In the French language.)
  • Notice Technique (Complete manual which includes the Pilot and Maintenance manuals) for the M.S.733, N.C.E. 102 dated Jan 1957, with approx. 200 pages. (In the French language).