Title: Moynet (Sud Aviation) M.360 Jupiter

The M.360 Jupiter was a twin-engined “push-pull” small executive transport aircraft designed in France by Andre Moynet, a National Assembly member and former test pilot. The prototype, later known as the M.360-4, was built by Engins Matra and first flew in 1963. It was proposed that Sud Aviation would produce a larger more powerful version known as the M.360-6 and two examples of this version were built by Sud Aviation. Although a type certificate was obtained, and the type was marketed in Europe and the USA, no production was undertaken.

Both examples of the M360-6 survive, one at the Musee de L’Air in Paris, and the second has been restored to flying condition by the Musee Espace Air Passion (GPPA) at Angiers-Loire Airport.

This title contains the flight manual for the M.360-6 version along with three manufacturer’s brochures or specifications for the M.360 Jupiter, plus a file of drawings and original photos. The files have been scanned from the original documents and retain any colour pages unless otherwise stated.



This title contains:

  • Manufacturer’s Flight Manual (Manuel De Vol) for the Sud-Aviation M.360-6 Jupiter, 1st Edition dated 25 Mai 1966 with approx. 50 pages. In the French language. (Scanned from a photocopy).
  • Manufacturer’s Preliminary Brochure for the Matra Moynet 360 Jupiter, undated (but probably before the first example flew) with approx. 11 pages. In the French and English languages.
  • Manufacturer’s Brochure for the Sud Aviation M.360 Jupiter, covers both the original M.360-4 and the later M.360-6. Undated with approx. 6 pages. In the English language.
  • Manufacturer’s Brochure for the Sud Aviation M.360-6 Jupiter,  dated Mars 1966 with approx. 17 pages. In the English language.
  • File containing a cutaway drawing, a 3-view drawing and several original photos of the M.360 Jupiter.