Title: Northrop YF-17

Developed from fighter technology progressively produced by Northrop since the 1960’s the YF-17 was one of two prototypes in the USAF Lightweight Fighter contest. First flown in 1974, the aircraft eventually lost out to the General Dynamics YF-16 in the contest. The US Navy was expected to adopt the contest winner as well, but instead chose to develop the YF-17 basic design, which became the F-18.

To maximise value, this title contains the flight manuals for the YF-17 and the later YF-23. The YF-17 has been scanned from the original flight manual and retains any colour pages, and the YF-23 has been scanned from a good quality photocopy (probably all that was ever produced).



This title contains:

  • Manufacturers Pilot’s Manual and Checklist for the YF-17, Northrop Report NOR 74-101 dated Apr 74, with approx. 160 pages.
  • Manufacturers Utility Flight Manual for the YF-23A, NTM 1F-23(Y)A-1 dated 1-6-90, with approx. 200 pages.