Title: Piaggio P149

Derived from the earlier two-seat fixed undercarriage P148 primary trainer, the P149 was originally conceived as a four seat tourer and first flew in 1953. Selected as the standard basic trainer and liaison aircraft for the German Luftwaffe in 1955 with an order for 72, a further 190 were manufactured in Germany under licence by Focke-Wulfe. A few examples were used by Swiss training schools and the Ugandan Air Force.

We offer two titles for the Piaggio P149. The first title contains the Luftwaffe flight manual in English plus a repair manual and a manufacturer’s brochure. The second title contains the Flight Manual, the Parts Manual and the Maintenance Manual for the P149U. The files have been copied from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages unless otherwise stated.



Title 1 contains:

  • German Luftwaffe Flight Manual for the P149D. GAF T.O. 1L-P149D-1 dated 1 March 1969, with approx. 138 pages.
  • German Luftwaffe Repair Manual (ReparaturHandbuch) for the P149D and FW P149D, T.O. 1L-FW/P149D-3 dated 15 June 1967 with approx. 39 pages. (In the German language.)
  • Manufacturer’s brochure for the P149 with 3 pages.

Title 2 contains:

  • Manufacturer produced Flight Manual and Pilot’s Notes for the P.149-U (the model operated by the Ugandan Air Force) dated July 1965, with approx. 135 pages.
  • Manufacturer produced Maintenance Manual for the P.149-U dated July 1965, with approx. 283 pages. (Scanned from a copy.)
  • Manufacturer produced Parts Catalog for the P.149-U dated November 1965, with approx. 354 pages. (Scanned from a copy.)