PIPER U-11 (UO-1) PA-23-250 AZTEC


Title:  Piper U-11 Aztec (UO-1) PA-23-250

The first PA-23 was developed by Piper from a design inherited from the Stinson aircraft company and first flew in 1952. This aircraft was not successful and was re-developed as the PA-23 Apache with more powerful engines and a re-designed tail. In 1959 the design was further re-developed with more powerful engines and a swept fin, and re-named the Aztec.

The aircraft remained in production until 1982 by which time nearly 7,000 examples of all models had been produced. 20 PA-23-250 Aztecs were purchased by the US Navy for liaison and flight proficiency purposes, later re-designated U-11. They were retired in the mid 1970’s.

This title contains the US Navy flight manual for the UO-1 (produced by the manufacturer) along with the civil owner’s handbook and a publicity brochure. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.


This title contains:

  • Manufacturer produced US Navy Flight Manual for the Piper UO-1 (PA-23-250), NAVWEPS 01-145AAA-1 undated with approx. 93 pages.
  • Manufacturer’s Owner’s Handbook for the Piper PA-23-250 Aztec B, document 753 596 dated Mar 63 revised to Dec 66, with approx. 69 pages.
  •  Manufacturer’s publicity brochure for the Piper Aztec, undated with 14 pages.