Title: Potez 25

The Potez 25 family was one of the most successful French aircraft of it’s era and was a true multi-purpose aircraft. Developed from the earlier successful Potez 15 reconnaissance aircraft, the 25 was heavier with a more powerful engine but also utilised a sesquiplane configuration rather than a conventional biplane. The type first flew in 1924 and was used in the fighter, bomber and reconnaissance roles. It was also a popular civil aircraft, especially for mail transport.

By the late 1920’s the Potez 25 was the standard multi-purpose aircraft for around 20 air arms, including the French, Polish, and American air arms. The aircraft was licence produced in Poland, Romania and several other countries. Around 2,500 were built in France out of a total of around 4,000 altogether.

This title contains the manufacturer’s instruction manual for operation and maintenance of the Potez 25 T.O.E. plus the French Military Instruction manual for the Potez 25A2. The files have been scanned from the original manuals and retain any colour pages unless otherwise stated.


This title contains:

  • Manufacturer’s Notice Technique (operation and maintenance manual) for the Potez 25 Type T.O.E., undated with approx. 88 pages. In the FRENCH language.
  • French Military Notice Technique (operation and maintenance manual) for the Potez Type 25 A2, dated June 1929 with approx. 106 pages. In the FRENCH language.