Title: Riley Dove 

The De Havilland Dove was a short-haul  feeder airliner, and first flew in September 1945. The aircraft was the natural successor to the earlier DH89 Dragon Rapide aircraft and proved one of Britains most successful post-war civil airliners. Several companies later offered modifications to improve the aircraft’s performance, including replacing the De Havilland Gipsy engines.

The Riley Aeronautics Corporation was one such company which specialised in modifying various aircraft types to improve performance. They produced the Riley Dove 400 which replaced the original Gipsy engines with Lycoming IO-720 engines. Many other options were available including modified wing with steel spar straps, swept fin, new instrument panel, airstair door, etc.

This includes the flight manual and a nice manufacturer’s brochure for the Riley Dove 400. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.


This title contains:

  • Crew Manual for the Riley Dove 400 Series, DH.104-RD-CM dated 15-6-66 with approx 129 pages. Published by Keegan Aviation of Luton, England.
  • Colour brochure for the Riley Dove, Turbo-Exec 400, undated with 12 pages.