Title: Saunders-Roe Skeeter No’s 1 and 2

Originally developed by the Cierva Autogiro company and first flying in 1948, the Skeeter was produced by Saunders-Roe and remained in production between 1951 and 1960. The British Army was the principal operator but a number were also used by the German military.

We offer two titles covering the Skeeter series. This first title contains two flight manuals (titled Pilot’s Notes) for the Skeeter in RAF military service, the second title contains a Pilot Manual and a Maintenance Manual for the civil Skeeter. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages. Each title is US$9.95.

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Title 1 contains:

    • RAF Pilot’s Notes for the Skeeter AOP Mk 10 and T Mk.11, AP 4644J & K-PN dated May 57 with approx. 48 pages.
    • RAF Pilot’s Notes for the Skeeter Mk.12, AP 4644L-PN dated Oct 58 with approx. 54 pages.

Title 2 contains:

    • Saunders Roe manufacturer produced Flight Handling Notes for the Skeeter, T.P. 192 dated May 57 with approx. 43 pages.
    • Saunders Roe manufacturer produced Descriptive & Servicing Notes for the Skeeter Mk 12, 50 and 51. Technical Publication No TP 279, 5th Edition dated January 1959 with approx. 208 pages.