SIKORSKY H-34 HSS-1 (S-58)


Title: Sikorsky H-34 HSS-1 (S-58)

The S-58 was developed as a lengthened and more powerful version of the S-55 (H-19), initially as an anti-submarine warfare aircraft for the US Navy, and first flew in 1954. It proved a very versatile and capable helicopter and over 2,000 were built for all US military services. It was known as the HSS-1 by the US Navy, and as the H-34 by the USAF and US Army.

As well as exports of examples to several other countries, a number were assembled then manufactured in France by Sud Aviation, and Westland Aircraft in England developed and manufactured a turbine powered variant.

This title contains three flight manuals covering several military versions of the S-58. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • USAF Preliminary Flight Handbook for the H-34A, T.O. 1H-34A-1 dated 25-3-55 with approx. 108 pages
  • US Navy Flight Handbook for the HSS-1,  AN 01-230HLA-1 dated 15-4-56 with approx. 128 pages.
  • US Navy Flight Manual for the UH-34D,G,J, NAVWEPS 01-230HLB-1 dated 15-3-64 revised to 11-5-65 with approx. 140 pages.