Title: Soko J-20 Kraguj

The Kraguj was designed in the late 1960’s as a lightweight economical counter-insurgency aircraft. Only a small number were built after it was concluded that better performance was necessary.

This title includes the Flight Manual and the Maintenance Manual for the J-20, plus a brochure which gives some information in English, has been scanned from the original documents and retains any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • Yugoslavian Air Force Flight Manual (Titled Upravljanje Avionom) for the SOKO J-20 Kraguj. Publication 01.VTUP.020/051 dated 1984, with approx. 137 pages. (In the Serbo-Croat language).
  • Yugoslavian Air Force Maintenance Manual (Titled Opis I Odrzavanje Aviona J-20) for the SOKO J-20 Kraguj. Publication 01.VTUP.020/04.0 dated 1968, with approx. 492 pages. (In the Serbo-Croat language.)
  • 27 page colour brochure for the SOKO Kraguj produced by the manufacturer. This brochure is in English and gives some technical data on the aircraft. Undated.