Title: Stampe SV.4

The SV.4 aircraft was designed in Belgium in the early 1930’s as a biplane tourer/training aircraft. The first model was the SV.4A advanced aerobatic trainer, followed by the SV.4B with redesigned wings and the 130 hp Gipsy Major engine. Only 35 aircraft were completed before the company was closed during WW2. After the war a successor company built a further 65 aircraft between 1948 and 1955 as trainers for the Belgian Air Force.

A version known as the SV.4C was built in France under licence, and also in Algeria, the two firms completing a combined total of 940 aircraft. The postwar SV.4Cs  were widely used by the French Air Force as a primary trainer.

This title contains the flight manual for the Stampe SV.4B as used by the Belgian Air Force, plus the Maintenance Manual (including Flight Manual) and Parts Manual as used by the French Air Force. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.

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This title contains:

  • Belgian Air Force (EPE-EVS) Pilot’s Notes for the SV.4B, undated with approx. 47 pages. In English.
  • French Air Force Notice Technique (a complete manual including description, maintenance, flight manual, performance, dismantling etc) for the SV.4B and SV.4C, N.C.E.52 dated June 1948 with approx. 130 pages. In the French language.
  • French Air Force Nomenclature Illustree (illustrated Parts Catalog) for the SV.4, A .C.E. 12 dated September 1948 with approx. 126 pages. In the French language.