Title: Sukhoi SU-27 Flanker

The Sukhoi SU-27 is a fourth generation front-line long range air combat and air intercept fighter.

Based on design studies beginning in 1970, the prototype (known as the T-10) first flew in 1977. However the aircraft suffered a fatal accident of the second prototype which slowed the program, and the aircraft did not enter service until the late 1980’s.

The aircraft has a fly-by-wire control system which makes it extremely manoeuvrable, a feature which has been made famous by the “cobra” manoeuvre performed at
air shows.

This title contains three flight manuals for the SU-27SK version; a scan of an original Russian Flight Manual (in Russian – Titled ‘Instructions for Flight Exploitation”); plus two flight other manuals for the SU-27SK, one similar to the first but with many more illustrations, in Russian, and a very good translation of the same manual in English.



This title contains:

  • Instructions for Flight Exploitation for the SU-27SK, Books One and Two, with 424 pages in total. (In the Russian language.)
  • Instructions for Flight Exploitation for the SU-27SK, Book One, dated 24-2-2004 with 284 pages.  (This appears to be the same manual as above but produced electronically with additional illustrations.)
  • Aircraft SU27-SK – Leadership on the Flight Operations. Book One dated 24-2-2004 with 198 pages. (This is an English translation of the manual above.)