Title: Supermarine Scimitar & Attacker

The Scimitar was derived from a number of experimental aircraft developed by Supermarine starting with the Attacker. Its design included some area ruling and blown flaps.

First flown in 1956, and entering service in 1958 the Scimitar performed the roles of both a low-level supersonic attacker and a high-altitude interceptor. 76 examples were produced and continued in service until replaced by the Blackburn Buccaneer in 1969.

To maximise value, this title contains the complete flight manuals for both the Supermarine Scimitar and Supermarine Attacker, has been scanned from the original manuals and retains any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • Royal Navy Pilot’s Notes for the Scimitar F Mk 1, AP 4646A-PN, 2nd Edition dated July 1960, approx 201 pages.  The cockpit illustrations in this manual are for the 61st production aircraft.
  • Additional cockpit illustrations from the 1st Edition Pilot’s Notes. These include an early production aircraft (XD232) and the 41st production aircraft.
  • Royal Navy Naval Aircraft Operating Data Manual for the Scimitar F Mk 1, AP 4646A-OD amended to Nov 1962, approx 91 pages.
  • Royal Navy Pilot’s Notes for the Attacker F1, FB1 and FB2, AP 4302A & B-PN, 2nd Edition dated August 1953.