Title: Antonov An-124

The AN-124 is the Russian equivalent of the C-5 Galaxy utilising a similar high-winged four-engined layout but with a more conventional empennage. The aircraft first flew in 1982 and achieved certification in 1992. It was in production at two plants in the Soviet Union but with the break-up of that country production ceased. Several uncompleted airframes were eventually finished to satisfy demand from the civil oversized cargo market.

Only about 56 aircraft have been built to date, about half being operated by the Russian Air Force and the other half in the civil cargo market. The aircraft has found such a niche in this role with no real competitors, that there have been efforts made to re-start production and upgrade the aircraft with Western engines and avionics.

The title contains the a copy of the Flight Manual for the AN124, in Russian, along with an Aviaexport produced brochure.


This title contains:

  • Flight Exploitation manual for the Antonov AN-124, Book One dated 1993, with approx 444 pages. IN THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE.
  • Flight Exploitation manual for the Antonov AN-124, Book Two dated 1993, with approx 1093 pages. IN THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE.
  • Aviaexport colour brochure on the AN124, in English, undated with 6 pages.