Title:  Arado Ar 96

The Arado Ar96 single-engine low-wing all-metal monoplane, designed by Walter Blume, first flew in 1938 and became the standard advanced trainer for the German Luftwaffe throughout WW2. Just under 2,900 examples were eventually produced.

Shadow manufacture was also undertaken in Czechoslovakia, which continued for some years after the end of WW2. A wooden version was produced in France as the SIPA S.10.

This title contains three Luftwaffe technical manuals plus a nice manufacturer’s brochure for two models of the Arado Ar 96. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • Luftwaffe Kurzbetreibsanleitung (Quick Reference Handbook) for the Arado Ar96B, document D(Luft)T.2002/1 dated June 1940 with approx. 85 pages. (In the German language.)
  • Luftwaffe Bedienungsvorschrift-Fl (Pilot’s Manual) for the Arado Ar96B-3, document L.Dv.T.2096B-3/fl dated June 1941 with approx. 75 pages. (In the German language.)
  • Luftwaffe Flugzeug Handbuch (Descriptive and Maintenance Manual) Teil 0 Allgemeine Angaben (General Information) for the Arado Ar96B-3, document L.Dv. 2096B-3 Teil 0 dated November 1941 with approx. 49 pages. (In the German language.)
  • Manufacturer’s brochure for the Arado Ar96, undated with approx. 33 pages. (In the English and German languages.)