Title: Percival P28 Proctor

The Percival Proctor was a British training and communications aircraft, developed from the Percival Vega Gull in response to an Air Ministry Specification for a radio trainer and communications aircraft. The prototype aircraft first flew in 1939 and the type was put into production for the RAF and RN. The initial Proctor Mk I was followed by the Mk II and Mk III radio trainer aircraft. The Proctor IV was a four seat radio trainer with an enlarged fuselage. A civil version of the Proctor IV was produced after WW2 as the Proctor V. Over 1100 examples of all marks were eventually produced.

This title contains flight manuals for the civil and military versions of the Percival Proctor. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.


This title contains:

  • RAF Pilot’s Notes for the Proctor Mk I and II, AP 1708A & B-PN dated Nov 39 with approx 28 pages.
  • RAF Pilot’s Notes for the Proctor III and IV, AP 1708C & D-PN dated Feb 47 with approx 23 pages.
  • Manufacturer’s Instruction Manual for the Proctor V Civil, dated May 46 with approx 84 pages.