Title: BAC TSR2 No’s 1 and 2

The BAC TSR2 was a highly advanced strike aircraft produced by the British Aircraft Corporation in the early 1960’s. The project was controversially cancelled by the British Labour government just after the first few flights of the prototype, due to the government’s policy of moving away from manned aircraft and focusing on missiles. Two non-flying examples survived and are in museums in the UK.

We offer two titles for the TSR2 including the flight manual (Crew’s Notes), the maintenance manual and a nice descriptive brochure. These manuals were classified secret at the time and are preliminary issues, and have been scanned from good quality copies. Each Title is US$9.95 each.

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Title 1 contains:

  • The Manufacturers Crew’s Notes for the T.S.R.2 aircraft. As the aircraft had only just flown this is a very interim flight manual with much material “to be supplied”. It does have a good description of the very advanced (for its day) navigation and attack system. Amended to 12-2-65 with approx 293 pages.
  • Manufacturer’s descriptive brochure classified “Secret” and titled “T.S.R.2 Weapon System”. Document BAC.9 dated November 1962 with approx. 64 pages.

Title 2 contains:

  • Manufacturer’s Maintenance Manual for the TSR2, (again an interim publication with much material still to be produced but still contains a wealth of information on the aircraft), amended to 15-3-65, and comprising three books:
    Book One – General and Airframe Groups, with approx 723 pages.
    Book Two – Airframe and Electrical and Instrument Groups, with approx 569 pages.
    Book Three – Nav Attack, Radio and Propulsion Groups, with approx 583 pages.