Title: Beagle B.206 Bassett

The B.206 was the first completely original design produced by Beagle Aircraft and first flew in 1961. The first orders were for the RAF who ordered twenty examples as the Bassett CC.Mk.1 liaison aircraft.

A number of configurations were built for the civil market using different engines and fuselage sizes. 85 examples in total of this very attractive aircraft had been completed when production ended in 1969.

This title includes both the civil manufacturers Operating Handbook, and the RAF flight manual (titled Pilot’s Notes) for the Bassett, has been scanned from the original manuals and retains any colour pages.


This title contains:

  • Manufacturers Operating Handbook for the Beagle B.206S Srs 2 Bassett, 2nd Edition dated 24-6-66, with approx 174 pages.
  • RAF Pilot’s Notes for the Bassett CC.Mk.1,  AP 101B-2201-15 (formerly AP 4942A-PN) dated Dec 1965, with approx 174 pages.