Title: Bell 206 Jetranger

The Bell 206 Jetranger was developed from Bell’s unsuccessful contender for the US Army Light Observation helicopter contest of the early 1960’s and has proven very successful. Two versions serve with the US military, the OH-58 series with the US Army of which more than 2,200 have been procured, and the TH-57 which is the primary training helicopter for the US Navy.

This title contains the flight manual for both the OH-58 and the TH-57B/C series of military helicopters.



This title contains:  

  • US Navy NATOPS Flight Manual for the TH-57B/C, NAVAIR 01-H57BC-1 dated 1-12-99, approx 365 pages.
  • US Army Operators Manual for the OH-58A/C, TM 55-1520-228-10 dated 17-1-89, approx 252 pages.
  • US Army Operators Manual for the OH-58D, TM 55-1520-248-10 dated 30-4-99, approx 633 pages.