Title: Blackburn Skua and Roc

The Blackburn Skua was a low-wing single-engined carrier-based naval fighter and dive-bomber which first flew in 1937, and although it was the first service monoplane for the British Fleet Air Arm and a radical departure from the biplanes which preceded it, it only lasted 4 years in front line service. Like other early naval fighters the modifications required for carrier use added weight and limited performance, and the resulting low top speed made it vulnerable to more advanced land-based fighters. Only 192 were built and no complete examples survive.

The Blackburn Roc was a variant of the Skua and developed in parallel which had all its armament in a dorsal turret. It was intended to be operated alongside the Skua and first flew in 1939. It was generally considered inferior to the Skua and also had a short front-line service. 136 examples were built.

This title contains the RAF Servicing and Descriptive handbooks for the Skua and the Roc (the latter includes Pilot’s Notes). The files have been scanned from the original documents and retain any colour pages.

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This title contains:

  • RAF Servicing and Descriptive Handbook for the Blackburn Skua I Aeroplane (Perseus XII Engine), Air Publication 1570A Volume 1, 1st Edition dated Oct 1938 with approx. 159 pages.
  • RAF Servicing and Descriptive Handbook for the Blackburn Roc I Aeroplane, Air Publication 1571A Volume 1, dated Mar 1939 with approx. 314 pages. This is a later format of Air Publication and includes Pilot’s Notes (flight manual).