Title: Boeing 314 Flying Boat

The Boeing 314 was a very long-range passenger aircraft produced between 1938 and 1941 designed for flights across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Using the massive wing of the earlier XB-15 aircraft to obtain the required range, the aircraft was one of the largest aircraft of its day.

Twelve examples were built, intended for the high-end of the market with luxurious appointments. However their service was interrupted by WW2 and following the end of that war they were quickly made obsolete by the construction of good quality airfields worldwide and the development of long-range land-based aircraft.

This title contains the flight and maintenance manuals for this magnificent aircraft, and has been scanned from copies of the original flight manuals.



This title contains:

  • Manufacturer produced Handbook of Instructions for the Operation of the Boeing Model 314 Flying Boat, with approx 174 pages.
  • Manufacturer produced Handbook of Instructions for the Maintenance of the Boeing Model 314 Flying Boat, with approx 325 pages.