Title: Concorde

The BAC Concorde was during its period of operation the most instantly recognisable aircraft in the world. The subject of an international co-operation programme between Britain’s British Aircraft Corporation and France’s Sud Aviation, itself a first, the Concorde prototype first flew in 1969 and was a technological triumph for its age. Unfortunately an initial flurry of orders was reduced to those of just the two national carriers by the time development was completed and the true cost of the aircraft became apparent, and following considerable environment lobbying against the aircraft.

Concorde entered regular revenue service simultaneously with these two carriers in 1976, but commercial success was only possible after the two governments effectively wrote off the huge development costs. The aircraft were retired in 2003 largely following a fatal accident at Paris in 2000, but also a general downturn following September 2001 and rising maintenance costs for the ageing aircraft.

This title contains the British Airways Flight Operating Manual for the BAC Concorde, a set of manufacturer’s engineering notes for the aircraft, and a nice colour brochure describing the aircraft’s cockpit.

The files have been scanned from the original flight manual and brochure and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • Flight Operating Manual for the BAC Concorde – Three  volumes all dated mid 1970’s:

Volume I – Description, 534 pages.

Volume IIa – Operating Limitations, Emergency procedures, Abnormal procedures, Conditional Procedures,  534 pages.

Volume IIb – Normal Procedures, Checklists, Procedures and Techniques,  514 pages.

  • Manufacturer’s brochure titled “Concorde Flight Station”. 24 page landscape full colour brochure giving a detailed description of the Concorde flight deck and its operating environment.
  • Manufacturer’s Engineering Notes for the Concorde, publication TSF270 with approx 332 pages.