McDONNELL 119 / 220


Title: McDonnell 119 / 220

The McDonnell 119 was designed to meet the USAF UCX contest of the late 1950’s but when this was won by the Lockheed Jetstar, the company attempted to find a civil market for the aircraft (then renamed the 220).

This was ultimately unsuccessful and the sole example was donated to the Flight Safety Foundation. The subsequent history of the aircraft is somewhat contentious as there was apparently a “no-fly” condition attached, but the aircraft was sold to a private owner and flown to El Paso in Texas where it has remained since. The aircraft has passed through several hands and there have been attempts to restore the aircraft and make it airworthy but it has remained firmly grounded in the Texas sun.

This title contains the flight manual for the McDonnell 119 as supplied by McDonnell to military pilots evaluating the aircraft in the late 1950’s, plus a photo file of  detailed photos of the aircraft and cockpit, plus the flight manual and associated pilots handbook as used for the aircraft when renamed Model 220. The files have been scanned from the original manuals and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • McDonnell Familiarisation Manual for the 119A (USAF-UCX) document SEDR-40 dated 1 May 1959 with approx 120 pages.
  • McDonnell Airplane Flight Manual for the Model 220 serial number 1, Registration N220N. Dated 10 June 1960 with 102 pages.
  • McDonnell Pilots Handbook for the Model 220 serial number 1, Registration N220N. Dated 20 June 1960 with 88 pages.
  • File of 71 photos of the Model 220, in-flight, on the ground, cockpit, etc.